About George

‘Our beautiful, fun-loving son, George was tragically killed aged 17, whilst crossing the A580 East Lancs road at the Windle Island Traffic Lights on 10th October 2008, to catch the bus home. He had been to a party that night, but wasn’t drunk or wasn’t messing around. He simply didn’t want to miss the last bus because he had to pack for the fortnights holiday to Rhodes he was due to take the following day with his girlfriends family. George had everything to live for, he was a joy to be around, and he loved his family and girlfriend very much. His 15 year old brother and we, his parents are inconsolable, and still cannot fully comprehend what has happened. However we know that we must face reality, and although the thought of life without George is almost unbearable, we have to somehow get something positive from his death.

When we were arranging the funeral, many people asked whether we wanted flowers, or donations. As he died as a result of a road accident, we considered donations to BRAKE, but we couldn’t be specific with where the money went. So we decided to use any donations towards our own campaign to raise awareness of the dangers at Windle Island, and also to try and get approval for Controlled Pedestrian Crossings. The money may be needed to commission reports, produce leaflets, signs, raise petitions or lobbying parliament. We already have the backing of our local MP Dave Watts, and have had an initial meeting with St Helens Council, who have promised to investigate the incident and carry out their own investigation. However we do not want the issue to drag on for years, and are determined to produce a positive outcome within the next 12 months whatever it takes. The more support we have the better, and if you are kind enough to sign our petition, we would like to ask you to also leave your email and post address in the strictest of confidence, of course. We would also like to encourage everyone to leave a comment regarding road safety matters, or tribute to George if they knew him.

We are always being encouraged to use public transport, walk or cycle, to be more ‘green’. The reality is that there is insufficient pedestrian infrastructure to safely allow this. The worst that can happen now is another accident, and we feel that with the current lack of pedestrian control and a 60mph speed limit at an extremely busy junction that the inevitable will happen, and another family’s lives will be in ruins. Please help us if you can, please sign our petition.

Sue, John and Bob Faulkner